Based on the directives of His Excellency the Prime Minister, Mostafa Madbouly, the Information and Decision Support Center (IDSC) organized a discussion on the future of artificial intelligence platforms and their impact on the Arab countries under the title: “The future of artificial intelligence platforms … the application of Chat GPT” in cooperation with the Police Academy in the Emirate of Sharjah on the 4th of April 2023 to exchange Ideas and visions on technological developments to benefit from various experiences with the participation of a number of senior Egyptian thinkers and experts from the UAE side.
At the beginning of the discussion, Mr. Osama Al-Gohary, Assistant to the Prime Minister and Head of the IDSC, welcomed the attendees, and stressed in his speech the importance of artificial intelligence platforms as one of the very important influences for the future of the Internet use, as traditional search engines will not be the first choice for users in the future. He also referred to the challenges facing major international technology companies as a result of artificial intelligence platforms, while the Chat GPT platform was used by 100 million people within two months after its launch.
Dr. Mohamed Elguindy, our founder and expert in Cybersecurity and Digital Transformation, gave a presentation on the most prominent historical milestones in the march of artificial intelligence with its risks and positive aspects, adding that cyber-attacks and spreading rumors on social networks have become the most prominent risks of artificial intelligence, which are also used to falsify human voices and images. Its simulation, along with other wide uses in the fields of armaments globally, which in turn affects the increase in challenges at the security level, explaining that cooperation in the areas of legal and legislative regulation of the fields of artificial intelligence will contribute to reducing the negative effects of technical revolutions while adopting global policies that preserve human and cultural values.
Dr. Marwa Zain, supervisor of the General Department of Research and Development at the IDSC, also pointed out the importance of dealing with issues related to artificial intelligence from the perspective of legislation in its global concept, in light of its reliance on tools that transcend national borders, which indicates the need for a different international interaction. In that framework, as well as organizing frameworks for protecting intellectual property rights from the negative repercussions of artificial intelligence.

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