Robots are guilty!

Scientists revealed that we might soon see new wave of crimes committed with robots!

It is not really a new Sci-Fi movie but I believe in this research. If you think of the early Internet as a military tool, you might not imagine what we are doing now. Inventions have always two sides. Good one that could be used by good people to do good things and advance the humanity. But we will have also the other side, the bad one! Think of chemistry, you can use the same materials to develop medicine and also explosive materials with little variation. It is the true story of science. This is why we should be ready with expanding our knowledge. Even computers are now used in good things such as industries, development, education, and invading the space. And at the same time can be used to commit a crime! It’s never been easier to commit a crime with computers and technology. Hobbyists and script kiddies can conduct a sophisticated cyber attack that cost millions of dollars with just few clicks! As long as it is easy to use technology in this act, there is nothing to prevent the bad guys from using robots. Everything is being circulated on the internet. You can buy anything online and you can learn how to put the parts together. You don’t need to be an engineer. Search on and you will find lots of videos that will teach you how to do anything! We need to think again. We need to find new methods to raise the awareness of our governments! Yes, government officials need to understand the true story and the risk. If those people are not aware of the problem, nothing will be done. Unfortunately, they think that we are talking about things from outer space. But it’s worst! Governments are implementing technologies everywhere with nothing in mind but the profit. Think of advanced devices in army, military agencies, government and critical infrastructure. As long as you are using other’s technology, you will not be safe! Do you remember Kill-Switch technology?

It will not be far until we see robots smuggling illicit drugs and conducting lots of high-tech crimes.

 Are we ready to deal with this new wave of crimes?

How could we investigate these crimes?

The robot itself is not guilty, how could we find the relation with the criminal?