Security Challenges around the world

Sire Mathew, Award-winning Security Expert

Everyone these days has suddenly become a security expert, but the data breaches continue to escalate at a very rapid pace.  We have skill gaps and organized crime is very good at knowing what they do, hence they are called “organized”.   They understand our weaknesses before we do.  They deploy the latest state of art technologies and approaches and can count on us not being able to do the same.  Why?

“Security is complex, no, really, extremely complex. Some think security is solved with a firewall on the network perimeter, others think that awareness training and compliance-based box-ticking is the solution. Then there’s those that talk about cyber-physical, opsec, osint, 0days, vulnerabilities, defence-in-depth, cryptography, and more. You will find many in each group who are sure their discipline is the best solution. There are some that don’t believe we have the technology to fix the issues, others that think you can’t fix security with technology, and others who say it’s all political. There are also those that think you just are ‘secure’ once you have done x, y, and z. Well, what if the truth was, that they are all right. What if security is a dynamic, evolving, perpetual enigma. What if security is not something done, it’s something you do – day in, day out. What if there is not a one size fits all solution, but solutions that need to be based on business impact. What if we really do have to tackle the deep technical angles, like embedded security, and still have to attack the political angles. The fact is security is complex, no, it’s not rocket science, it’s much worse.

Join Matthew as he untangles the spider’s web and offers sensible ways to think about “security.”   Mathew is an Award-winning Security expert.   it will be a treat to hear him on this topic.