The Future of Business and Technology

The Business & Technology Professional Association of Canada (BIZTEK) –, is federal “non-Profit” a training and certification organization, and is a partner other International organizations.

A significant pace of technology changes had already created skills gaps, that are now combined with serious challenges caused by COVID 19.  Organizations will need to take a step back and rethink their strategy and approach if they intend to survive, thrive, and make their organization sustainable, which also means looking at the culture of the Organization.  While some organizations will fail, others will soar –  if they do the right things.

Attend our online Summit on July 29th, 2020, with John Ruffolo kicking off the day with a 20-minute keynote speech. This is an extremely critical time for “Canada and the world” and how we deal with this crisis will go a long way to determine Canada’s place in the world.  Following John’s opening, we will have a Keynote CEO Roundtable panel who will discuss what and how organizations should approach these challenges post-COVID 19.

We have assembled a line-up of impressive Canadian business leaders to discuss the topic to kick off the day.

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The Future of Business and Technology – Summit on July 29 2020

With social distancing, staff working at home and the whole impact of COVID19, getting back to business as usual, may not be the “usual ” as we knew it. With the impact on supply and demand, any Economist who tells you they know what it will look like is at best “throwing a dart at the dartboard.” There are, however,  some “back to the basic” things every business person can explore to once again put them in touch with their consumers.

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