Dr. Hazem Shatila, Adjunct Professor of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning/Cognitive Radio & wireless communication at a number of universities in the USA and Egypt. Hazem has more than 20 years experience in the Artificial Intelligence field, Cognitive radio and Telecom industry. Played different roles in the Telecom industry. Hazem has a descent number of publications and a key speaker/editor and reviewer for a number of worldwide conferences. He is also an Academic advisor for a number of universities in Egypt and a consultant in non-governmental and governmental organizations. He is the founder and CEO of Markov Data. Hazem is currently the Data Science and Artificial Intelligent Advisor to assistant of Prime Minister of Egypt.

Hazem Completed his PhD from Virginia Tech University, USA in 2012 in Electrical Engineering and was awarded the outstanding research award certificate in his field. Hazem currently supervises a large number of Masters and PhD research students. Hazem is currently building the first Data Science Academy in Egypt in conjunction with ITI (Information Technology Institute) and the Ministry of Education, he is an expert in Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation serving a variety of industries (Telecom, e-finance & Banking sectors, Transportation & Agriculture). Hazem has worked as an AI consultant for ministry of Interior and also as a Data analytics/Data strategy/FinTech consultant for non-governmental organizations. Hazem led many projects with many multi-national industries including Intel, Samsung, Vodafone, Ericsson, AT&T, SAS & Huawei.