Nick is one of the top Thought Leaders and Technical Experts in the Payment Infrastructure industry.
He has 35 years of technical experience across the entire breadth of this industry, including building VISA’s Global Debit Card system (1996), and writing national (ANSI) and international (ISO) data security standards for the payment industry.
He has also been an executive in several FinTech startups over the last 20 years, mostly as CTO.
Currently founder of Clear Purchase, which is building a payment switch specifically designed for developing countries, the key being 10¢ purchases with purchase guarantees and integrated dispute resolution. The goal is to break the poverty trap by making financial services available to everyone.
He is regularly invited to speak on Financial Infrastructure, Payment Fraud, the Future of Payments, Financial Inclusion & Poverty, and the Threat of Big Tech.
Author of the Payment Infrastructure Glossary™