Cyber Security Courses

ISSA Egypt is partnering with International organizations to deliver recognized training and certifications in cyber security and related disciplines to bridge the gap in ICT skills and to support the Egyptian Digital Transformation Initiative. 

Online Cyber Security Training

The Centre for Cyber Technology – CCT is a UK organization specialized in ICT training and consulting. The CCT is the main sponsor of ISSA Egypt, therefore, it offers 10% discount for all ISSA members on cyber security courses to support young professionals learn one of the most important specializations in the 21st century.

The Certificated Information Security Practitioner (CISP) is delivered via the CCT online Academy. Applicants can join and study at their own pace then set for the online exam.

Once passing the exam, the certification will be issued from both ISSA Egypt and the CCT in addition to other accrediting bodies. There will be always 10% discount for all ISSA members. Learn more about the course and certificate, click here!